Vass Standard Suites

Our Standard Suites are spacious climate-controlled areas that provide a very exciting place for our guests to stay. The standard suites range in size from approximately 3’ x 6′ to 8′ x 6′. Your dog will not miss a thing with easy visibility from the front glass doors on each suite.

 A comfortable, breathable, easy-to-clean Bone Bed is provided in each suite for cozy, off-floor slumbers.

Included with each suite are 3 outside exercise/potty breaks in their own private grassy areas, daily housekeeping, bed making, and of course, clean fresh water that’s replenished daily! Meals and treats are fed like at home. Any playtimes and other activities can be added a la carte, as well as a full-service bath before departing for home.

Personal items from home are welcomed to enhance your pet’s comfort and stay. Please do not bring valuable or one-of-a-kind items that could get lost or destroyed. FPPR is not responsible for any damaged or lost items.

Standard Suites are $36 per night. Additional guests sharing the same suite will receive a discount.