Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Can I Pickup/Drop Off My Pet

You can drop off your pet any time during our lobby hours. We ask that you try to drop them off 30 min before closing to give us time to get them settled into their suite and prepare any food necessary before closing.
For all suites, check-out time is before 1 PM. Except on Sundays, when you can pick up anytime, our lobby is open in Raeford between 4 and 6 PM. and Vass between 3 and 5 PM.

If your pet is getting a bath, you do not need to pick up before 1, and the front desk will work with you at drop-off to determine when your pet needs to be dry and ready. 
If your pet is not getting a bath and you pick up after 1 PM, you will be charged for another night’s stay.
Please call and let us know if you need to extend past your initial reservation. Choosing to extend overnight without calling and letting us know will incur a fee of $50 during non-peak days and $75 for holidays and peak times on top of the additional night’s charge.

What is Your Flea & Tick Policy?

Pets coming in will be checked for fleas and ticks. If any are found, a bath and/or protective application will be necessary at the owner’s expense prior to entering the resort.

What are Your Vaccination Requirements?

Rabies: Rabies Vaccinations for dogs and cats must be current and in accordance with local regulations.

Dogs: All dogs on premises must have current vaccinations for DHLPP. The Bordetella vaccination is highly recommended but not required.

Cats: All cats on premises must have current vaccinations for FVRCP.

DHLPP, Bordetella and FVRCP requirements may be waived upon written recommendation from pet’s veterinarian. Hard copy of this waiver will be kept on file. These guidelines follow the American Boarding Kennel Association’s Voluntary Facilities Accreditation Program.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

Except for holidays and spring break, all reservation cancellations require a two-week notice. A non-refundable deposit of $25* is required to hold your reservation and will be used towards your final bill at check out.

* We only take deposits for all suites during holiday Periods. The deposit is equal to one nights stay.

* We always take deposits for Pup and Paws suites also equal to a one nights stay.

What is Your Policy on After Hours Check-In/Out?

We can accommodate travel obligations or emergencies by setting an after or before-hour appointment for you to check-in or out. Based on prior booking and suite accommodations. The fee is $50 plus the Suite Rate (starts at $86). For Holiday Check-In/Out the fee is $100 plus the Suite Rate (starts at $136).

*Price varies by location

Please call and let us know if you need to extend past your initial reservation. Choosing to extend overnight without calling and letting us know will incur a fee of $50 during non-peak days and $75 for holidays and peak times on top of the additional night’s charge.

Do You Provide Food?

We can provide a premium brand of Resort dry or wet food to be prepared for your pet during their stay for a minimal fee. $2-4/day/pet/per meal.

* Bringing the pet’s normal food is preferred to avoid any tummy issues

Do You Offer Transportation?

If necessary, we can transport your pet to or from the resort, with a planned, scheduled, individually rated appointment. $2.00/mile/round trip

Can You Administer Medications?

We can help administer many types of medications or assist in health care needs that your pet has during their stay. $.75 up to $4.00 (Insulin Injections)/medication/time

Do You Offer Any Discounts?

Yes! We offer the following discounts:

  • Active Military Entire Stay (including boarding, activities, and grooming) 5% off
  • Extended Stay (30 days or more) 20% off
  • Points System Discount – Receive 1 point for each $1 spent on ALL services (not just boarding!). Receive $5 off for every 100 points earned.
What Are My Payment Options?

Payment in full is required at the time of check out. We accept payment in the form of cash, check with valid driver’s license, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and debit cards. We reserve the right to request a non-refundable deposit on all services.

What Do I Bring to Check-In?
  • Current vaccination records (if they haven’t already been faxed)
  • All medications, clearly labeled, with specific instructions for administration. Oral medication administration is $.75 up to $4.00 (Insulin Injections)/medication/time.
  • Emergency contact phone information
  • Owner-provided food must be labeled and pre-packed in plastic containers of individual serving portions. Owners whose pets are staying for longer than five days may bring their food in the commercial bag with feeding instructions. See Diet Menu of premium foods we provide at $1 per serving if our diets are used.
What Belongings Can My Pet Bring?
  • You may bring 2 toys for your pet but we suggest you do not bring your pet’s favorite toy – bring new toys that will stimulate your pet’s interest.
  • Please do not bring any item which may be chewed.
  • All items brought in will be left inside the suites at all times so that they do not get lost. Five Points will not be responsible for damaged or destroyed toys while the pet is staying with us.
  • Please label all items with your last name and the pet’s name. We will not be responsible for items lost or eaten.
  • We do not guarantee return of any items. Please only bring items you consider to be “disposable.”
  • We provide comfy bedding such as blankets, pet cots, and rugs to cover the floor of our suites. You may bring your pet’s bed and blanket to make your pet feel more comfortable. Please do not bring large foam or cedar-filled pet beds as they are difficult for us to wash.
  • We use stainless steel Kinn bowls that are washed and sanitized after each use so you do not need to bring bowls from home.
What is Your Admissions Policy?

We reserve the right to deny admittance to pets lacking proof of vaccinations and/or pets displaying signs of untreated or potentially contagious conditions and/or aggressive behavior. We reserve the right to charge handling fees for excessively difficult or aggressive pets requiring additional staff and/or additional time in order that we may deliver proper care. Upon admission for services, you will sign a contract acknowledging your awareness and acceptance of our policies. Minimum age for all boarding and fun activities is 4 months with vaccinations current. Please make sure that you bring your pet into the office on a leash when you arrive at Five Points Pet Resort at Vass.

Can Someone Else Drop Off or Pick Up My Pet?

Please let us know if you have made arrangements for someone else to drop off or pick up your pet for boarding. We do not accept or release pets to anyone other than the owner unless prior arrangements have been made.

Do You Have a Dirty Dog Policy?

Yes. We reserve the right to administer a bath at a charge of $15 to the client for a pet who has defecated or urinated in their kennel and then run through it or rolled around in it, leaving the pet with a soiled coat.

What Happens in an Emergency?

Every attempt will be made to provide the care necessary for your pet should an emergency occur. Please leave a phone number where you can be reached or an emergency contact person so that communication between you and the veterinarian can take place in a timely manner. If there is an emergency, we contact your veterinarian first. If he or she is unavailable, we contact another veterinarian. Then, we call you at the emergency number you provide. Please notify us about any pertinent medical history or problems with your pet.